CISDUS Hosts 2019 Local Chinese Teachers Training


On December 21, the local Chinese teachers training in the central and western regions of Thailand was held in Suphan Buri. The training was co-organized by Confucius Institute of Suan Dusit University at Suphanburi (CISDUS) and Sa-Nguan Ying School. Both the Chinese and Thai sides attached great importance to this training in that Dr. Tanaporn Khotphat, the Thai director of the CISDUS, and Mr. Qiu Zongfeng, the Chinese director, attended the training. 31 local teachers from 19 schools in Suphan Buri, Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Bangkok, and Chaiya participated in the training.

For the training, the CISDUS has specifically invited Dr. Chatkaew Jai-ngam, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Suan Dusit University, to give a keynote lecture entitled “The Application of Active Learning Theory in Foreign Language Teaching” to improve the theoretical level and teaching ability of the local Chinese teachers. With the topic of “Media Literacy for Chinese Teachers”, Ms. Liu Xiaohui instructed the local Chinese teachers to use Chinese mass media resources to teach Chinese correctly and constructively. Mr. Cao Siyuan taught the local Chinese teachers how to organize Chinese tests and how to apply for the scholarship to study in China via the Confucius Institute. Ms. Hu Yunhua demonstrated in person the full set of actions in “Wu Qin Xi”, a Chinese-styled exercise, and introduced its cultural heritage and effects. The training is diverse and rich in content and close to the actual needs of the local Chinese teachers.

In order to promote the development of Chinese teaching and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, the CISDUS holds various training every year. As one of the regular training programs of the Confucius Institute, the training for local Chinese teachers is aimed to stimulate the enthusiasm of local Chinese teachers to teach Chinese well and motivate them to improve their teaching ability.

CISDUS Hosts 2019 Local Chinese Teachers Training                                                    供稿:黄嘉俊