CISDUS Hosts Thai New Generation Entrepreneurs’ Seminar


On November 28th, Dr. Tanaporn Khotphat, the Thai director of Confucius Institute of Suan Dusit University at Suphanburi (CISDUS) hosted a seminar on the development of economic and trade between China and Thailand presented by the new generation of Thai entrepreneurs. As for the mission of the Confucius Institute, she explained for the purpose of the CISDUS, i.e. to connect China and Thailand and to serve the communication and cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, the Chinese director of CISDUS, Mr. Qiu Zongfeng and all the other teachers assisted in the preparation and attendance of the event.

The theme of the seminar is the development of technology and economic in both China and Thailand. Mr. Wu Huachun, a well-known entrepreneur in Thailand, and Mr. Chang Nianzhou, the chairman of Thailand’s “Strategy 613” consulting company, shared their experiences and observations at the meeting. Mr. Chang Nianzhou also talked about his deep relationship with China and said deeply: “What we have to do now is to keep pace with China, and the most important thing is to learn Chinese well.” This point of view was unanimously agreed by all the guests. During the seminar, a random draw was also set up. The CISDUS provided two free vouchers for HSK exams and exquisite Chinese-styled gifts as the prizes to encourage Thai students to learn Chinese language and culture. In the end, the event was successfully concluded with the consensus on learning Chinese well.
CISDUS Hosts Thai New Generation Entrepreneurs' Seminar