CISDUS Delegation Back from 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference


On December 9-10, the 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference was held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The theme of the conference is “Innovation and Development of International Chinese Language Education in the New Era.” Dr. Pornchanit Kaew-nate, Vice President of Suan Dusit University and board member of the CISDUS (Confucius Institute of Suan Dusit University at Suphanburi), Dr. Tanaporn Khotphat, the Thai director of the Confucius Institute, and Mr. Qiu Zongfeng, the Chinese director attended the conference, and Dr. Pornchanit Kaew-nate, having been invited, gave a keynote speech at the Forum 2.1 “Shaping the Public Image of the Confucius Institute,” ardent responses being simultaneously heard.

At the opening ceremony on the 9th, Sun Chunlan, Vice Premier of the State Council of China, delivered a keynote speech. Sun Chunlan pointed out that many countries now have incorporated Chinese into their national education systems, offered Chinese courses in primary and secondary schools, supported enterprises and social organizations to participate in Chinese education, and promoted mutual exchanges and learning between China and their own nations. In addition, Sun Chunlan emphasized that the Chinese government takes the promotion of international Chinese language education as an incumbent responsibility, and actively takes advantage of the mother tongue country to create conditions for training teachers, compiling textbooks, opening courses and so on to support learners of all countries.

While at the closing ceremony on the 10th, Tian Xuejun, Vice Minister of Education, made a closing speech. Tian Xuejun stated that international Chinese language education has strong practical needs. Only by continuously attracting and cohesioning the active participation of all parties can we continue to consolidate the social and public foundation of Chinese language education.

After the conference, the CISDUS delegation agreed that the CISDUS will continue to uphold the purpose of running the Confucius Institute, implement the spirit of Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and Vice Minister Tian Xuejun‘s speeches, follow the development trend of international Chinese language education, and strive to further improve the development of the Confucius Institute to make more achievements in the new era.CISDUS Delegation Back from 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference